The ideal location of Hotel Al Codega confirms its status as one of the finest, most convenient places to stay in Venice. The district of San Marco is not only in the geographical centre of this unique floating city but also represents the beating heart of the town. This vibrant area is sublime in its elegance of architecture while also being abundant with the types of restaurants, bars and boutiques that identify the famous calli (lanes) and campielli (courtyards) of Venice.


Just a few minutes north is the famous Ponte Rialto Venice's most beautiful bridge across the Grand Canal and, conveniently, the perfect starting point to take water transport to and from any other point on the canal - including Marco Polo International Airport and Santa Lucia Railway Station.

The short trip across the Rialto Bridge brings us into the area of San Polo and the church of Santa Maria dei Frari. Our friendly and highly professional hotel staff will be happy to give you advice and information about the city as well as organise tours, gondolier rides and other surprises at your request.


In the past, Venice was not well lit by street lamps and along the numerous "calle", the typical narrow Venetian passageways, the only lights were the so-called "cesendeli", the candles used to illuminate the religious images on the walls.

After a period of violence in about 1450, a law was passed forcing those who ventured outside after sundown to carry a light. They could use candles, candelabras, lanterns and many other types of lights.

The nobility, the wealthy merchants, and especially the foreigners (foresti) were accompanied by a servant called a "codega" who held a lamp before them and helped them make their way. The term "codega" may derive from "cotica", the thick, hard pork skin used to feed the flame for the light. It may also derive from the greek "odegos", or "guide."

Piazza San Marco

The hotel is just a few minutes walk from Piazza San Marco and its Basilica, the symbolic heart of Venice, where so many colourful and exciting special events take place all year round.

Check our list of Links regarding what's on and what to do in and around Venice for more information when planning your trip.


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